About Alby Mangels

Alby is a pioneering action-adventure/documentary film-maker with a strong passion for wildlife conservation, environmental protection and helping the underprivileged.

Alby achieved extraordinary ratings and revenues world-wide, engaging viewers to watch all episodes. He established his original brand of “reality adventure television” incorporating extreme risks, exotic locations, stunning female co-adventurers, lovable canine companions and a unique combination of personal talents … the trademark blend that sets Alby apart.

His acclaimed series of family-rated films often featured rare and one-off footage.

Screened on popular networks in numerous countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and New Zealand, Alby has out-rated block-buster movies.

In the tradition of Sir David Attenborough, Indiana Jones, Jacques Cousteau, Dame Jane Goodall and Anthony Bourdain … Alby is a unique pioneer, ahead of his time.

His exciting series captures a world before the internet, Corona virus, global warming, rainforest destruction and vanishing wildlife such as the African mountain gorillas. Trekking around the world exploring over 70 countries and navigating by the stars, this action-adventure series features spectacular remote frontiers, savage war zones, hostile wilderness and obscure cultures – No other adventurer / film-maker has devoted 25 years of their life to such a world-wide accomplishment.

Alby Talents


  • World Safari 1 (1hr54m)
  • World Safari 2 (2hr)
  • World Safari 3 (1hr43m)
  • Vanishing Gorillas – West Coast of Africa (1hr31m)
  • AUTOBIOGRAPHIES (2 x 48 min)
  • Alby Mangels – Born for Adventure – Pt 1
  • Alby Mangels – Born for Adventure – Pt 2
  • AUSTRALIA (30 x approx 47 mins)
  • Torres Strait Islands Adventure
  • Last Outback Cattle Muster
  • Red Center Opal Fever
  • Giant Sea Turtles
  • Great White Stallion – Blue Mountains Australia
  • Camel Trek Across Australian Outback
  • Wonders of the World – Coorong South Australia
  • Wild Islands of South Australia
  • The Ghan – Unique Train Trek Across Red Centre
  • Runaway Camels – Australian Desert
  • Camel Capture – The Red Centre of Australia
  • Real Life with Aborigines in Arnhem Land
  • Australian Adventure – Alby’s Mates
  • Australian Adventure – Outback
  • South to Kangaroo Island
  • Outback to Winninini
  • Travelling North
  • Launching Zenani
  • East and West
  • Kagari to Nimbin
  • Land of the Ferals
  • North to South
  • Rivers of the Outback
  • Outback Muster
  • Alby’s Coorong
  • Call of the Coorong
  • You Can’t Live on Memories
  • Wild Adventures – My Country Their Land
  • Wild Adventures – Dance to Heal the Earth
  • Wild Adventures – Uniting Cultures
  • SOUTH AMERICA (10 x approx 47 mins)
  • Orinoco River
  • Giant Anaconda – South America
  • Machu Picchu Incan Citadel
  • Atacama Desert – Peru
  • Great Atlantic Crossing – Africa to South America
  • Crystal Waters – Brazil
  • Escape From Devils Island – French Guiana
  • Gold Hunters – Amazon Jungle
  • Lost Indian Culture – Amazon River
  • Amazon Basin
  • CARIBBEAN ISLANDS (4 x approx 47 mins)
  • The Drug Triangle
  • Slave Trade
  • Black and White Beaches
  • Treacherous Waters
  • AFRICA (9 x approx 47 mins)
  • Zulu Land
  • In Search of the Bushman
  • Nabimia
  • Return to Africa – Crossing the Indian Ocean via Catamaran
  • Skeleton Coast – West Africa
  • Crossing the Kalahari Desert
  • Unique Okavango Swamps
  • Saving the Flamingos – Botswana
  • Lake Kariba – Botswana
  • NEW HEBRIDES & VANUATU (4 x approx 47 mins)
  • Over the Horizon
  • Search for a Fallen Eagle
  • Island Dreaming
  • Discovering a President
  • NEW ZEALAND (3 x approx 47 mins)
  • Land of the Long White Cloud
  • Jet Boats & Wild Deer Capture
  • Remote Outposts
  • SOLOMON ISLANDS (3 x approx 47 mins)
  • Remote Contact
  • Journey to Pigeon
  • Reflection of Paradise
  • NEW GUINEA (1 x approx 47 mins)
  • Primitive Smoke People of New Guinea
  • INDONESIA (1 x approx 47 mins)
  • Komodo Dragon – Giant Lizards

Discovery USA – Travel Channel Quote:

“When Adventure Bound ran in prime time during the month of January … it was the highest rated prime program of the month.
Adventure Bound continues to deliver ratings and the program anchors our nightly prime time schedule.
The Travel Channel chalked up its highest ratings ever for a programming stunt with its Adventure Bound weekend marathon that aired Saturday and Sunday … the marathon comprised 21 hour episodes of the popular travel show hosted by Australian celebrity Alby Mangles.
In weekend mornings, afternoons and prime time the Adventure Bound marathon out-performed fourth quarter averages by 74%, 64% and 65% respectively”

Executive Producer – Mark Finkelpearl

Discovery Travel Channel Audience Statistics by Age - Overall ratio 61% male / 39% female

  • 18-34 16%
  • 35-49 19%
  • 50-64 31%
  • 64+ 23%

Online (FB) Testimonials – Samples from Around the Globe

‘I saw every show of yours that was broadcast on Travel Channel here in southeast USA’
‘So inspiring. Look forward to the new project’ ‘My Long Term HERO, & ONLY “Celebrity”..’
‘Alby media had a profound impact on my life’ ‘Loved your show Alby, wish you were back on!!’
‘Best Family Film of the Year’ ‘We’ve been fans of yours for years’
‘You know people could live a thousand years and not see what you have seen’
‘World safari – bloody inspirational mate’ ‘Watched your shows can’t wait to see them again’
‘As a now 37 year old kid, World Safari had a substantial impact on me’
‘Gives me a wonderful tapestry of memories that were shared with my children and
now to be shared with my grand daughter’ ‘I will gladly buy your movies to watch and learn’
‘We miss seeing you and your adventures on tv. Anything in your future?’
‘I can’t tell you how much I loved watching you growing up.’
‘You are the best’ ‘you showed life is worth living’

Online Interviews, Articles and Site / Video Links

Alby Mangels — Inside the legendary adventure travel filmmaker's secret new life
30 min radio interview, article & pics – 2023
Australian Broadcasting Commission Far North / By Chris Calcino

Alby Mangels: The Adventure Documentary Pioneer - Ep. 8
Alby Mangels pioneered the adventure documentary genre before Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls. Specifically, learn how his childhood played a role in his life and how this thread runs through every icon we meet in the groundbreaking series
The Thread (Hugh Minson and Jack Morphet)

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions
Alby was privileged to recently join Mark Tozer (Shark Museum Manager) and Andrew Fox to experience exhilarating Great White Shark Ocean Floor Cage Diving on the MV Rodney Fox

Zwier Albertus "Alby" Mangels (born 16 November 1948) is an Australian adventurer and documentary film-maker widely remembered for his World Safari adventure travel films (World Safari, World Safari II, and World Safari III)

Adventurer Alby Mangels steps out of the shadows
in latest episode of documentary series, The Thread
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You Don’t Like Doing to be Successful
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Alby Mangels Partner – Does He Have A Wife?
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Alby Mangels - Fan Club Home Page

Early life, work, the films, recent work, references

Chris Conroy Interview
Chris Conroy interview with Alby re Gorilla Safari - West Africa


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